Solid State Symphony
For Kontakt 5/6
$59 USD
1.7 GB Download

This product includes
Solid State Symphony Lite: Q
This library requires the Full Retail boxed version of
Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 6 to work correctly.
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Solid State Symphony is an orchestral
simulation that also includes automated
features like a gated pad, two pitch-modulated
synth elements, simple bass and percussion
sequencers, and chords.
It is meant to be played in real time, and
allows you to bring in the different sections
according to key velocity and range.
The "orchestra" sounds were modeled using
analogue synth waveforms. Use it to sketch
out compositions, or to add richness and
power to your orchestral productions!
"None of this would mean a thing, not the
terrific amount of control, not the great price,
etc. if it did not sound good and indeed it does
not. It sounds great! I have recommended it to
4 people. All four listened and instantly bought
it. It is in my humble opinion truly a
               Jay Asher,
"I'll say it again, the strings, horns and
woodwind ensemble sounds are the best I’ve
ever heard … anywhere. If you’re looking for
synthesized symphonic ensemble sounds,
Solid State Symphony represents the gold
standard. I give it my highest possible

 David Baer, SoundBytes Magazine
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