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Demo midi files.

A download containing some of our audio
demos and the midi files used to create them
is available.

Download Midi Files
Refund Policy

We cannot give refunds for software. If you mistakenly double ordered a product, please
contact us and we'll take care of it. We cannot refund a product once it has been
Privacy Policy

Indiginus collects your email address during the purchase process in order to deliver
your sample library, and as a means of confirming your purchase should you contact
us for product support. We also store data on which libraries were purchased, the
date that the purchases were made, and the purchase price. We do not store any
other customer data.

Indiginus does NOT collect or store payment details. Payments for Indiginus products
are processed by Fastspring or PayPal, depending on the shopping cart the customer
chooses, and we have no access to payment account information.

We will not share your email address or any other data with anyone else.

We use Constant Contact for sending emails to our customers, which could include
product update information, as well as notices about new products or special
promotions. You may unsubscribe from our email list at any time with a link provided
on every email.  

Use of Cookies.

Our website does not use cookies. Aabaco Small Business hosts our website, and
offers us some data on website activity, including location and IP address. We cannot
track activity outside of our own website.
We use Facebook advertising, and they may use a whole jar full of cookies, but we do
not have access to that data. Please refer to Facebook for their policies. We utilize
Soundcloud and YouTube as a means of showcasing our products. Please refer to
these companies for their policies.

You have the right to know what data we have access to. In the case of Indiginus, it is
your email address and your purchase history. We would be glad to furnish this data
to you if you request it by email.

Indiginus headquarters is located in central Florida, USA.
Solid State Symphony free update
released Sept. 27, 2016. Fixes a bug
where Orchestra Subs faders could not
be assigned to MIDI CC controllers.
Download Update