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Solid State Symphony
for Kontakt 4, 5
$40 USD
1.3 GB Download
The technology of 1979.... Here today!
What would a virtual orchestra have sounded like if all you had to work
with was analogue synthesizers?  It was a question that Indiginus felt
compelled to answer. Why?  Well, probably because we're not very good
at market research, but also because we believe that composers can
never have too many tools to work with.
The 'orchestra' consists of Strings, Winds, and Percussion sections. Within
each section are elements that have assignable key and velocity ranges,
volume controls, and transposition. Also included are a gated pad effect,
2 programmable pitch modulated elements, bass, and a simple noise
generator rhythm sequencer.
Midi files are available for some of the above demos. Please understand
that these files are for demonstrating how the demos were made, and
cannot be used (the midi files, that is)  in music production.
Download Midi Files

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