These libraries require the Full Retail version of Kontakt to
work correctly.
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Indiginus Renegade Acoustic Guitar
for Kontakt  5
$69 USD
3.4 GB Download
This library requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5 or
Kontakt 6 to work correctly.
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Designed to help you create brilliant acoustic guitar
tracks, without a steep learning curve. We meticulously
sampled a warm, yet shimmering Martin D-18, allowing
you to pick or finger-pick your way to steel-stringed
heaven!  Articulations can be triggered by key velocity, key
switches, or both. Create strumming tracks quickly, with
complete control over patterns and chord fingerings.
Requires Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher. Full Version.
  • Picked and finger-picked samples.
  • Control articulations with key velocity, key
    switches, or both.
  • Chord and strumming engines with
    customizable chord fingerings and patterns.
  • Chord recognition.
  • Articulations include slides, hammer-ons,
    pull-offs, bends, mutes, and trills.
  • Auto Harmony.
  • 12-string mode.
  • Editable effects.
  • Small footprint. 3.4 GB download for quick
    downloading and installation.
"Quite simply, I love the new Indiginus Renegade Acoustic
Guitar. It sounds pristine and does anything I could need a
sampled acoustic guitar to do so well that even when the
budget permits,
I might not choose to replace it with a “real” guitar. I love that
I can either finger my own chord inversions in strum mode
or set one finger patterns off my own choice.  My only
criticism is that I think they sell it for less than it’s worth :)"
                                                        - Jay Asher
                                                          Film/TV Composer
"I just wanted to let you know how big of an impact your
instruments have had on my creative process and
composing for this TV show. It really has saved me many
times. Now, I just go to it whenever I need guitar right off the
bat. It is so much easier to program and sound convincing
than it is for me to play it. When I do have a guitarist come in
and play, I usually only get him for one day during the week
and when notes from the network come in, he is often not
available. I fix the parts with your instruments and no one
knows what is real and what isn't. There is a big stamp of
Indiginus on every single episode!"
                                                                   -Fred Coury
                                                                    Film/TV Composer/
                                                                    Rock Star