Free Instrument Downloads
These free instruments may be used in music productions,
including commercial projects, but may not be distributed
(this means uploaded to a file sharing site or included in
any other sample library) without the express permission of
Indiginus. They are all protected by copyright law.
Guitar Freepack  Kontakt 3+
In this free download you’ll find 3 quite usable instruments, some audio examples with
corresponding midi files, and some useful pdf files.

Included instruments:

DoubleTrack Ac Picked Special
Free version of the Double-Track acoustic guitar from Acoustic Guitar Collection.
2 different picked guitars are combined and hard-panned in one instrument to
simulate "Double-tracking, a recording technique where the same part is played
twice to create a fuller sound.
StrumMaker III Free Version
4 chord variations per scale step. No user chords. No User Patterns.
Lead Guitar Jr.
Adds a harmony at higher velocities for creating double note pitch bends..
Common Guitar Chord equivalents for keyboard.
The first step in creating convincing acoustic guitar parts with sampled guitars
is using realistic chord voicings. Download this guide for the keyboard
equivalents of 56 common guitar chords.  PDF