Indiginus was founded to fill a need- affordable sample libraries.
In earlier years, if you were a composer with a sampler, you didn't have much choice- there simply
weren't many sampled instrument libraries out there (which is why samplers had inputs on the
front panel).  But it did force one to be resourceful.  Later on, there were well done new libraries, but
hey, who could afford them?!  I couldn't, so our first commercial product, Acoustic Guitar Collection,
was born. Since then, we have added many more libraries to our lineup, and pioneered new
features that we believe can help you create music easily.

Our mission is to provide high quality sampled instruments that:

-Sound great.
Fine instruments recorded with attention to detail.

-Feel great. A sampled instrument should respond to your touch in a predictable, intuitive way.

-Are affordable.  But no compromise on sound or playability.

Are demonstrated using honest demos. What you hear is what you get. We'll provide midi files
when possible.

I am my first customer, and our products are refined during development in a commercial scoring
and production environment. We hope you enjoy them!

Tracy Collins
Chief Indigineer