Acoustic Guitar Collection Remix
add-on for Acoustic Guitar Collection
$10 USD
50 MB Download
This library requires the Full Retail boxed version of
Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 6 to work correctly.
Still not sure? More on this.
Breathes new life into AGC!

New scripting gives our old friend some new features like
Hammer-Ons, Releases, Auto-Vibrato,
and guitar body impulse responses. The user
interface has been updated as well, and will be familiar to
owners of our more recent guitar libraries.

Requires Acoustic Guitar Collection.
Having said that, we have included an additional instrument,
AGC Remix LE, which includes playable, lite versions of the
Double-tracked and Nylon guitars!

About AGC Remix's new Hammer-On and Release features.

The samples for the original release of AGC were recorded in 2003. Three of the
four featured guitars originally used have moved on with their lives, hopefully
making music somewhere out there. Because of this, we could not actually record
new samples for the new features, but instead used the existing sample pool to
create them. We were amazed at the results, and feel that AGC has a new, more
detailed and expressive sound than ever before. The Nylon guitar is still in our
studio, however, and wedid sample some additional notes at the upper range of
the instrument.