This library requires the Full Retail boxed version of
Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 6 to work correctly.
Still not sure? More on this.
The timeless sound of the nylon string guitar
is found in almost every style of music, from Rock to
Jazz, Latin to Country, Middle Eastern to Classical.
Indiginus Renaxxance lets you explore this world in a
unique and expressive virtual instrument.
Includes features like hammer-ons, mordents,
automatic harmony, 12-string mode, custom chords,
and more.

Indiginus Renaxxance
Exprexxive Nylon String Guitar
for Kontakt 5/6
1.44 GB Download
The main screen is designed for fast work flow. You can easily set up key
velocity control of articulations (or "Ornaments") by choosing an Ornament,
and moving the sliders to the desired velocity switch point. There are buttons
for Auto-Vibrato, Auto -Harmony, and Chords. The Chords button gives you
selectable chord strums in the first playing octave. Check out the demo video
to see how they work!
The Chords editor lets you choose from several preset chords, or make
your own! . Renaxxance does not have a strum pattern sequencer.
The Da Vinci Perpetual Pattern Machine creates a rhythmic echo effect, or a looped
pattern that is great for underscoring or anytime you need some movement in the
“Renaxxance – Easily sounds better than guitar software 4 times the cost, but more importantly it is simply gorgeous to play! “
- Medwyn Goodall (Instrumental Artist and composer)